Moving Tips – Save Time, Money & the planet all at the same time

Moving Tips – Save Time, Money & the planet all at the same time

Get free moving boxes from & use smart moving tape

Giant saran wrap with furniture pads helps saves fragile items from damage, like this 6' mirror

  • Use smart moving tape that has room labels on them. The colorcoded tape helps you efficiently places boxes in proper rooms given a bit of pre-planning on your part. Saves lots of time and confusion.
  • Remember to label your boxes with a sharpie. I noticed that Uhaul boxes have 4 reuse labels pre-printed on the top which makes it super easy for the dreaded unpacking.
  • Use furniture pads with giant moving saran wrap, not the most eco-friendly option, but it makes packing large and fragile times, from giving damaged during the move.

Use racks to keep organized. Makes loading and unloading much quicker and easie

  • Use forearm forklifts, through the wonders of physic, these simple straps make those large heavy pieces of furniture an easier move. It saves you time and its more efficient than the appliance or furniture dolly. It doesn’t damage flooring which is great for hardwood floors and carpeting.

Loops & S-Hooks-Macgyver way over keeps all of your bags and hangables organized

  • Organized unpacking – Racks and S-hooks requires a bit of pre-planning but makes the unpacking process alot more rewarding. You will reap the rewards of the time saved each time you load & unload. I think you will be a much happier person as you take pride the fact that you put into building your nest. Racks are an organized closet’s best friend. It allows for more freedom of accessibility as well as budget-friendly. Which in the end is more eco-friendly because you aren’t wasting wood building more shelves or plastic organizers.
  • Ask for help. Ask friends and family for that extra favor for some free labor (thanks Dustin & Will). You never know until you try. If that doesn’t work, I highly suggest using some hired labor. Prevents back pain while helping the economy. I noticed you could bargain for $15/hr. All depending on how much stuff you have, but I noticed for a 1 bedroom apartment, its 3 guys for 2-3 hours total for loading & unloading. For a 2 bedroom, its 4-5 hour. Be nice and get them a lunch a couple of beers if it fits your budget, save the beer until the end if you want things done quickly.

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Christine Duong

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